The Clooney Foundation For Justice with Amal & George Clooney

Lake Como Experience Hosted
by Amal & George Clooney


Revolutionising Philanthropy Travel

Immerse yourself in the essence of Philanthropy Travel with an extraordinary Hosted Experience at Italy’s most glamorous lakeside, brought to you by Satopia Travel in partnership with the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

Hosted by the visionary founders, Amal and George Clooney, this unique experience aims to be the “Give Back” event of the year, blending the charm of Italy’s most captivating lake, with the profound mission of the foundation.

Prepare to be enchanted by Lake Como’s unparalleled natural beauty as you stay in the historical Villa Passalacqua, awarded recently as the first-ever holder of The World’s Best Hotel by the ‘50 Best’ organisation. Your stay promises mesmerising lake views paired with Europe’s finest hospitality, and the opportunity to indulge in art, nature, and authentic Italian lifestyle.

Whether it’s the glistening water reflections of the lake or your deep reflections from the encounter with the Clooney Foundation for Justice, this experience promises to leave you with lasting memories, encapsulating the best that nature, art, and human endeavour have to offer.

During this incredible travel experience, you’ll engage closely with the CFJ leadership team, including the dynamic and impactful founders, Amal and George Clooney. Immerse yourself in profound conversations about the foundation’s unwavering commitment to upholding human rights, ensuring universal accountability under the law, and their relentless pursuit of justice. Beyond its allure, the event explores unique insights into the foundation’s noble work where you’ll learn how your contributions fuel collective action protecting women, minorities, journalists, and victims of war atrocities. 

Ultimately, your presence not only offers you unprecedented access to some of Lake Como’s most stunning villas at the world’s number #1 hotel of the 50Best, but also you’re actively contributing to the noble cause. As George and Amal Clooney put it, “Justice, like war, has to be waged.”

The Lake Como region of Lombardy in Italy is considered by many as one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, a timeless place that has enchanted artists like Verdi and Bellini, political icons such as Napoleon Bonaparte, and even royalty like Queen Victoria. 

Immersed in this rich tapestry of history and culture around a lake sanctuary, experience all the natural beauty while  learning about the causes that support the foundation’s initiatives. This experience gives unprecedented access to some of the grand palaces and villas that grace the lakeshores, once homes to princes and bishops, and now serve as some of the world’s most revered venues. An experience that is much more than just an adventure by the lake, but rather an immersive journey where luxury meets purpose, framed by the extraordinary magic of Lake Como. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will not want to end. Like many visitors who came to this beautiful part of Italy, and did not want to ever leave.

Your stay during this Hosted Experience with the Clooney Foundation for Justice will be at the luxury boutique hotel Villa Passalacqua, Lake Como’s most exceptional accommodation, and a lake sanctuary like no other.

Passalacqua, award-winning hotel was recently named the best hotel in the world in 2023 after one-year of its opening, from the organisation that publishes the annual list featuring the “50Best” hotels in its debut edition.

Brought to you by the visionaries behind the iconic Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Villa Passalacqua is perched above the quaint village of Moltrasio, encapsulating the art of hospitality amid its Italian manicured gardens and panoramic lake views. This 18th-century architectural masterpiece offers a fresh take on the classic Italian retreat, where each suite is a showcase of meticulous craftsmanship and artistic integrity.

Be enchanted by the refined Baroque elegance of Passalacqua, from Murano chandeliers to original frescoes, and relish the villa’s philosophy of ‘meraviglia’ as you explore terraced blooming orchards and scented rose and jasmine gardens. Guests can unwind by the stunning swimming pool, shaded by centuries-old cedar trees, or take in the epic lake views from the different green terraces. Celebrated as a “practically faultless creation” since its recent opening, Villa Passalacqua transcends mere accommodation, for an experience that encapsulates the very essence of ‘vivere Italiano‘.

Founded in 2016, the Clooney Foundation for Justice (CFJ) is a beacon for the safeguarding of human rights and the pursuit of a just world. With operations extending across 40+ countries, the Foundation tackles an array of issues, from war crimes in Ukraine to biased trials that target women and journalists. Unlike organisations that merely pay lip service to justice, CFJ actively accumulates evidence, provides pro bono legal aid, and is unflinching in holding perpetrators accountable. Their pioneering initiatives such as Trial Watch and The Docket have shifted paradigms, employing rigorous data collection and legal scrutiny to drive real change. Whether it’s supporting neglected causes like aiding Yazidi survivors, or battling the rise of authoritarianism, CFJ stands for resolution, even when the road to justice is strewn with obstacles. Offering an immersive travel experience at Lake Como, CFJ provides a unique opportunity for you to contribute to the causes that matter while “Giving Back” in the most meaningful way.

At the helm of this transformative organisation are its visionary founders, Amal and George Clooney. George, an acclaimed actor and director, and Amal, a distinguished human rights lawyer, bring a perfect blend of visibility and expertise to CFJ’s mission. Their shared passion for justice and human rights isn’t a mere talking point; it’s the pulse that powers the foundation’s ambitious scope and reach. George’s persuasive advocacy and Amal’s legal acumen synergise to navigate the complex terrains of international law and politics. Beyond the glitz of Hollywood and the corridors of justice, the power couple are driven philanthropists who understand the power of collective action. Through CFJ, they collectively have catalysed a new wave of philanthropy, one that melds passion, expertise, and practical action to create a lasting impact. By joining their immersive travel experience at Lake Como, you’ll not only enjoy an idyllic retreat but also actively participate in their quest to change the world.

To learn more about the “Clooney Foundation for Justice” please visit the website.

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Hosted Experience with the Clooney Foundation for Justice in Italy


Lake Como, Italy


August 2024

What’s included

5-Day / 4-Night Hosted Experience
Welcome Reception
Luxury Accommodation at Villa Passalacqua
Airport Transfers to/from Milan
Daily Experiences as per Itinerary
Full-Board Menu
Event Transfers
Welcome Reception
Garden Party Hosted by Amal & George Clooney
Private dinners with CFJ team
Fully designed menus with Wine Pairing
Farewell Brunch

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Members’ Rate Available 
*Access preferred rates with our Community Membership
**An additional donation to the “Clooney Foundation for Justice” starting from $50,000 per person is required to participate

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It was not only the beautiful locations you chose, the amazing food but also the people I met. It will stay with me forever!!!

Jeanette S.

It was not only the beautiful locations you chose, the amazing food but also the people I met. It will stay with me forever!!!

Jeanette S.

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