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Careers at Satopia


When you choose to embark on a career with Satopia, you don’t just invest in a journey of personal and professional growth; you become part of a community, a movement aiming to transform our future.

Nurturing talent every step of the way.

At Satopia Travel, we’re more than just a travel agency. We are a collective bound by values of integrity, delivering beyond what’s expected; service, offering meticulous consideration for every journey; and purpose, fostering profound connections through shared experiences.

In our pursuit of excellence, we recognise the importance of creating a workplace where everyone can thrive. By focusing on diversity, engagement, culture, accountability, and education, we are dedicated to fostering an environment that champions growth. We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer, ensuring that every member of our team feels valued, respected, and empowered.

At Satopia Travel, we believe that our strength lies in our diverse and dedicated team. Every member plays an integral role in crafting our unique travel experiences, and we ensure that their personal and professional journeys are just as enriching. With a strong emphasis on continuous learning and development, we encourage our team to explore new horizons, challenge the status quo, and innovate with intention. We understand that the magic of Satopia lies not just in the destinations we showcase but in the collective efforts of the individuals who bring these experiences to life. Here, you’ll find more than a job; you’ll discover a purpose-driven team committed to making a lasting impact in the world of travel and beyond.

Career Opportunities

If you're looking to be part of a team that stands at the intersection of travel, inspiration, and transformative change, Satopia Travel might just be your next destination. If you are interested in joining Satopia and there are no open roles that reflect your talent you can email

Chief Operating Officer
Senior Business Controlle
Head of Sales and Business Development
Senior Travel Designer
Membership Sales Specialist
Community Reservations Manager
Luxury Travel Sales Manager
Travel Sales Manager (2-month Contract)
United Kingdom