We care deeply not only about who we are doing business with, but how our partners do business as well.

As more regions and countries develop their tourism industries, a growing significant impact looms on natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems. The need for sustainable, responsible planning and management is imperative for the travel industry to thrive as a whole. Our trips are designed with sustainable and responsible travel principles in mind with the following outline:

  • Investments in the destinations we operate in through contributions from The Foundation
  • Working with local guides and teams on the ground, with full training by our DMC partners
  • Preference to locally owned and independently run hotels where available
  • Sourcing supplies locally to support local communities
  • Supply-chain policy for fair trade and equality 
  • Encouraging our partners to act responsibly towards the environment
  • Recommendations to our hotel partners and travellers to take water, waste and energy conservation/reduction measures
  • Providing our local guides and partners with information on how to be more environmentally responsible
  • Using recycled paper, and recycling in our office
  • Offering carbon emission offsetting options on flights for our travellers and team through credible schemes
  • Suggestions for our travellers to purchase local products to support local communities
  • Strong recommendations to our travellers to not purchase products made from endangered species
  • Informing our travellers of cultural or religious sensitivities upon which they should be considerate
  • Effective measures in place to ensure none of our partners exploit children  
  • Supporting local projects through our social causes and The Foundation

If you would like to take a journey that allows you to directly support a local community, contact us to find out about carefully selected social causes that give you the opportunity to get involved.