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Pursuit is an online magazine for the conscious traveller, created by the team behind Satopia Travel. We search the globe in pursuit of discovering some of the most inspirational people on the planet and destinations that offer experiences that awaken the senses. 
September 15, 2023

Embark on a Transformational Philanthropy Travel Experience with Virgin Unite and Sir Richard Branson

On this hosted experience with Virgin Unite, guests will also have a rare opportunity to engage with the visionary entrepreneur Richard Branson, who sees opportunities where others see only challenges. By embodying…
May 1, 2023

Championing Women is not an Option

Championing women is not an option - it is an absolute necessity! By Ahmed Gouda, Co-Founder of Satopia Travel As a child growing up in the bustling city of Alexandria, Egypt, I…
April 30, 2023

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: A World Of Luxury and Elegance

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: A World Of Luxury and Elegance By Ahmed Gouda, Co-Founder of Satopia Travel From the moment my boat arrived to take me from my hotel to Venezia Santa Lucia Railway…
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April 23, 2023

La Liste reveals winners of Mediterranean Special Awards 2023

The gastronomic event celebrated the cuisine, chefs, and restaurants of the Mediterranean. By Nicola Leigh Stewart, Editor The evening marked the inaugural Mediterranean Special awards from the global restaurant guide. The 2023…
March 23, 2023

The Most Sustainable Properties in Satopia’s Private Collection

Sustainable Luxury: The Most Eco-Conscious Properties in the Private Collection By Nicola Leigh Stewart, Editor of PURSUIT Satopia's Private Collection offers carefully curated, sustainable properties with luxurious facilities, promoting responsible travel and…
Massimo Bottura Balsamic Acetaia Maria Luigia 02 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYCULTUREFEATURED CONTENTPURSUIT HERO FEATURE
February 3, 2023

Massimo Bottura’s New Addition to an Ancient Tradition in Emilia-Romagna

World renowned chef, Massimo Bottura, has added a new venture to his collection of "must haves" in Emilia-Romagna, offering a unique and once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience. The renowned Acetaia Fabbi, originally opened in…
Dominique H.Ex landing page 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYWHAT'S NEW
December 12, 2022

New Extra Star for the Star Chef Dominique Crenn

Dominique Crenn is currently one of the most celebrated chefs in the world and she has just been recognised with two new green stars in the Michelin Guide. This is a huge…
Pursuit FrancisMallmann Hero 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYWHAT'S NEW
February 28, 2022

A Different Version of Reality According to Francis Mallmann

He confronted the tension between meaning and language. So when Francis Mallmann says, “I don’t think I’m an incredible chef” he’s not expecting flattery. What Mallmann wants is for us to question…
DC 02 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYCULINARY
February 10, 2022

The Culinary Celebration of the Century with Dominique Crenn at Le Domaine des Etangs

In May 2023, Chef Dominique Crenn, of San Francisco’s noted 3-Michelin-star restaurant Atelier Crenn, returns to her native France, to cook up a fantastical five-day fairytale at Domaine des Etangs in the…
Gucci Osteria Tokyo Massimo Bottura 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYFeatured
November 25, 2021

Massimo Bottura wins two awards in 50 Top Italy 2022

From being named #1 on “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list in 2016 for the first time and again in 2018, to appearing on the premiere episode of the Netflix series Chef’s…
Dominique Crenn 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYFeatured
November 15, 2021

Dominique Crenn – World’s Best 50 Icon Award Winner

When Dominique Crenn was honoured with the World’s 50 Best Icon Award in 2021 at an awards ceremony in Antwerp, it didn’t surprise anybody in the culinary world.
Tortellante Hero 2 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYCULINARY
July 25, 2021

Tortellante, Integration, Empowerment & Pasta

Those who know great food already know Massimo Bottura, the Modena based chef-patron of three Michelin star restaurant Osteria Francescana. But Bottura, and his wife Lara Gilmore, are much more than creators…
Paul Lister Hero 600x403 - PursuitFeaturedWHAT'S NEW
July 18, 2021

Paul Lister – The Future of the Forests in His Hands

The 23,000 acre Alladale Wilderness Reserve is an unprecedented attempt at private conservancy, nestled in glacial valleys, fringed by Scotland’s small remaining Caledonian pine forest. It’s home to one of Europe’s most…
Oceans Hero 600x403 - PursuitCONSERVATIONFeatured
June 15, 2021

World Oceans Day: Protecting the Seas, Protecting our Future Through Environmental Philanthropy

2021’s World Oceans Day focuses on something that the world has recently learnt – that every aspect of our world is connected and interrelated. The aim is to influence decisions being made…
Reunite Hero 600x403 - PursuitFeaturedINSPIRATION
May 17, 2021

Reunite – Destination Reunion Travel with a Difference

If you love to travel, then you know there’s nothing better than being able to share a travel adventure with family and friends. And this new form of travel, reunion travel, also…
Begin Hero 600x403 - PursuitFeatured
May 3, 2021

How to Begin Again With Style

For many of us, spring is the moment when we slough off our long dormant season and enter the world again. We’ve had a year of down-time, spinning our wheels, planning our…
Travel Change World Hero 600x403 - PursuitINSPIRATIONWORLD TRAVEL
April 19, 2021

Can Travel Help you Change the World?

The impact of travel on an individual can be literally life-changing. Elizabeth Barrett Browning existed as a recluse in poor health until she met Robert Browning and they eloped to Italy, where…
Space Flight Feature 600x403 - PursuitFeaturedINSPIRATION
April 6, 2021

A View From Outer Space

April 12th is the International Day of Human Space Flight, and in our lifetime we may make the ‘leap’ from space flight being an elitist pursuit to a mainstream activity. It is…
Pursuit Earth Day Hero 600x403 - PursuitFeaturedINSPIRATION
March 23, 2021

Make This Earth Day Matter

22 April is Earth Day, designed not just to acknowledge our debt to the planet, but to encourage action that will help preserve our world and improve it.
Pursuit Happiness Day Hero 2 600x403 - PursuitFeaturedINSPIRATION
March 15, 2021

7 Ways to Shine Your Light on International Day of Happiness

The United Nations measures happiness globally as well. In 2020, Finland was named the happiest country in the world for the third year running. On the other hand, many countries have established…
Pursuit Human Connection Hero 600x403 - PursuitFeaturedINSPIRATION
March 9, 2021

The Importance of Human Connection

Today, after a period of living in lockdowns and quarantines, most of us have come to reevaluate this most commonplace and yet most remarkable of experiences. We’ve been starved of hugs and…
Pursuit Women Philantraphy Hero 2 600x403 - PursuitENTREPRENEURSHIPFeaturedINSPIRATION
March 1, 2021

Can More Women in Leadership Champion Emotional Philanthropy?

The importance of having a more gender balanced board, management or leadership team is a work in progress. For instance, the current legislation in The Netherlands to ensure more women have seats…
Pursuit Emerge Consider Hero 600x403 - PursuitINSPIRATIONWELLBEING
February 22, 2021

Emerging with Strength & Consideration

We are seeking the changes that have been for the better, and being present to the rhythms and structures we've created for ourselves personally and professionally to take care of our wellbeing.…
Pursuit Dance Change Hero 600x403 - PursuitFeaturedINSPIRATIONWELLBEING
February 15, 2021

Joining the Dance – A Way to Cope with Change

Both as humanity and as individuals - we are asked to cope with humongous changes. How best to cope with these challenges and turn our weaknesses into new strengths. Shall we join…
February 8, 2021

The Healing Powers of Nature

We can revive ourselves, and restore our optimism and confidence, by connecting with the natural world. The magic of the wilderness with its soothing and healing effect on the soul is undoubtedly…
Pursuit Forbes Culinary Hero 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYCULINARY
February 1, 2021

Cook with Satopia Travel Chefs Table Hosted Experiences by Forbes

As we plan ahead for future journeys, Satopia Travel is offering a newly curated series of hosted experiences, which include several culinary trips in the company of top chefs from across the…
Pursuit KrisTompkins PostEvent Hero 600x403 - PursuitCONSERVATIONFeatured
January 28, 2021

Walking Into Freedom Without Looking Back

Kris Tompkins, former CEO of Patagonia inc. and co-founder of Tompkins Conservation, knows where we should be heading. On 21 January 2021 Kristine spoke honestly about how she and her late husband…
Pursuit One Humanity Hero 600x403 - PursuitPHILOSOPHY
January 18, 2021

A Repeat of the Dark Ages or the Roaring 20’s – Whatever it is, We’re in it Together

In history, there have been periods so bleak we’ve called them the ‘dark’ ages. What makes 2020 different? Not the scale of the disaster, nor the nature of the pandemic, but the…
Pursuit Chefs Men Hero 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYCULINARYFeatured
January 11, 2021

Why Are so Many Top Chefs Men?

When Clare Smyth became ‘the best female chef in the world’ in 2018, the award itself may have been controversial but her ability definitely wasn’t – she earned Gordon Ramsey three Michelin…
Pursuit KrisTompkins hero 600x403 - PursuitCONSERVATION
January 6, 2021

Rewilding the Land, Restoring Ourselves

Kristine Tompkins is an American conservationist, former CEO of Patagonia Inc., and President and Co-founder of Tompkins Conservation. Kristine is also a UN Environment Patron, recognised for her commitment to protected areas…
Pursuit Nature Screens Hero 600x403 - PursuitFeaturedWELLBEING
January 5, 2021

Life Through Screens Led Me Back to Nature

We’ve all spent most of this year being grateful for technology, from Zoom and Teams and the way they’ve revolutionised our work-lives through, to Netflix and curved gaming monitors that have helped…
Pursuit Virtual Experiences Feature 600x403 - PursuitVirtual Experiences
December 22, 2020

“Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New…” Are Virtual Experiences a New Tradition?

It can be easy to forget that every tradition was a response to current conditions, and that what we do this year will become traditional by the end of the decade. We…
WhoBenefitsWhenWeGive Hero 600x403 - PursuitWELLBEING
December 15, 2020

Who Really Benefits When We Give?

Recent research says something different. In 2009 a Harvard Business School study showed that happier people give more, and that giving increases happiness – so it’s a virtuous circle. And it’s not…
Necessity for Success Hero 600x403 - PursuitENTREPRENEURSHIPFeatured
December 8, 2020

Success: The Phoenix Must Burn to Emerge

Books are written about it, podcasts focus on it, each of us has a personal barometer that charts our success level in all areas of life: financially, socially, romantically, educationally, sports, work…
WhyCEOsNeedtoTravel Hero 600x403 - PursuitENTREPRENEURSHIPFeatured
December 1, 2020

Why CEOs Need to Travel to Maintain Momentum

The influence of travel is profound – it’s a whole-body experience that feeds every sense. But it also does something more remarkable… it creates the space within which that mercurial thing called…
Kris Tompkins 02 600x403 - PursuitCONSERVATIONTHOUGHT LEADERS
November 16, 2020

Kristine Tompkins: 25 Years Saving Wildlife

As the current president and co-founder of Tompkins Conservation and the former CEO of Patagonia, Inc., Kristine left the business world to protect wild beauty and biodiversity by creating national parks, restoring…
Pursuit Carlo Carcco Feature 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYFeaturedTHOUGHT LEADERS
October 23, 2020

Carlo Cracco Constellation of Contradiction

Chef Cracco’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele restaurant complex is a perfect recreation of the original 19th century Galleria in Milan, fitted with every mod con and novel feature. Cracco trained in Monte Carlo…
Massimo Bottura 2 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYFeatured
October 15, 2020

Shining a light on Massimo Bottura

From his avant garde culinary art through his fight on food waste and his work to uncover the invisible potential of others, it’s always been about bringing light to the world. When…
Christmas Party 02 600x403 - PursuitVirtual Experiences
October 13, 2020

How to Save Your Company Christmas Party

This year has been difficult to describe! Had someone told us at the start of the year that what lies ahead would be a summer that mostly spent at home, our holidays…
Francis Mallmann Freedom 01 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYFeaturedTHOUGHT LEADERS
October 10, 2020

Francis Mallmann’s Philosophy on Freedom, Fear & Change

Regarded as the Godfather of open-fire cooking to his dedicated following of culinary explorers, Mallmann’s style of cooking has created a global phenomenon. Without a doubt, Mallmann is South America’s most famous…
Paul Lister 1172x570 1 600x403 - PursuitCONSERVATIONTHOUGHT LEADERS
September 19, 2020

Protecting the forest in the Highlands

Scotland was once covered in thick forest, it was an undulating wilderness teeming with wild lynx, wolves, and bears. Hunted and persecuted, these natural predators entered extinction hundreds of years ago.
Pursuit Raymond Blanc Feature 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYTHOUGHT LEADERS
June 3, 2020

Chef Raymond Blanc on a Sustainable Food Mission

Raymond Blanc is a gastronomic icon, recognised as one of the finest chefs in the world. In fact, chef Blanc has been driving change for many years through his role as the…
Pursuit Carlo Carcco Feature 02 600x403 - PursuitCULINARYDESTINATIONS
June 1, 2020

Discover Italy’s Best Kept Culinary Secret

Chef Carlo Cracco is a chef who has devoted his entire life to carving out a place in culinary history. He is seen as a pioneer in progressive Italian cuisine. His Michelin-star…
Pursuit Massimo Bottura Feature 600x403 - PursuitCULINARY
May 29, 2020

Why We Must Continue to Dream with Massimo Bottura

With most businesses, including restaurants and bars being forced to close as Italians were confined to their homes. The rest of the world followed closely behind. What we all discovered is that…
Responsible Traveller 04 600x403 - PursuitWORLD TRAVEL
September 4, 2019

How to Be a More Responsible Traveller

Raising awareness with travellers of their social, environmental and economic impact is something that Satopia Travel believes that the Travel and Tourism Industry has a responsibility to actively tackle, by educating people...
July 15, 2018

A Feast For All The Senses with Francis Mallmann

From landing in the port town of Comodoro Rivadavia, guests are forgiven for wondering if this is a trip or a pilgrimage. Embarking on a journey by road and boat across sometimes…
Pursuit New Zealand Feature 02 600x403 - PursuitADVENTUREDESTINATIONS
April 15, 2018

Exclusive Access to New Zealand’s Most Exquisite Locations

Forget the typical Kiwi road trip, driving from the north island all the way south… Jetting off from one exclusive spot to the next, is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime epic trip at a…