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When you travel with Satopia you can expect to be surrounded by interesting and inspirational people, from our community of global travellers to our world-class hosts. We are most proud of our community, full of wonderful guests who share openly their personal moments of magic and appreciation.


We are delighted to offer our Community unprecedented access to extraordinary people and places through our Hosted Experiences.


Satopia Hosted Experiences are exclusively available to our community members, who must first apply through our guestlist application process. To join our global network of travellers, please submit an application for the Guestlist of your desired Hosted Experience. Every week, our founders personally review each application. Upon approval, you will receive an exclusive invitation to book your experience. To ensure a warm welcome to the community, we host a brief introductory call with our founders, who personally meet every guest who joins the Satopia Community.

We appreciate that time is a precious commodity and that exquisite, hassle-free travel is not just a luxury, but an expectation for our clients. For those who value unparalleled expertise, the utmost discretion, and a commitment to crafting unique experiences, we offer a Satopia Membership option.


"The group of guests here have now become my lifelong friends and, that is so unique."


“It was a true gift to spend time together & get to know you all on a personal level. I leave this trip with beautiful memories and full of new-found inspiration in friendship & gratitude.”


"We were a group throughout the whole experience."


“To be a part of his fire family for a few days was nothing less than extraordinary and exquisite.”


"This journey has been so much more than I could have ever dreamed. An absolutely unforgettable memory of when how many new memories will be formed.”


"May say this to be a Trip of a Lifetime. I have been honored to experience The First of a Lifetime"


“The last few days have been nothing short of amazing. We got to connect with one another through stories, passions and shared humour. This trip was definitely one for the books!”


“Thank you for the amazing culinary journey. We have many new friends from around the world because of you.”

Kym & Jeremy

“Our group had incredible chemistry and will remain connected for years to come.“


“Entirely different, every moment and detail was thoughtful and perfectly executed! All of the events and food were incredible, and the company was a joy to spend time with.”

Kelly & Shaun


Who is part of the Satopia Community?

Our community comprises discerning travellers who value a high standard of travel, unique experiences, and meaningful connections. They come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, including successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts of culture, art, and history.

What are the other guests like who join the Hosted Experiences?

Our guests are individuals who share a passion for immersive travel experiences, a taste for the finer things in life but also happy to throw on some gumboots and treck through a bit of mud to discover a secret dinner in a forest. They’re curious, open-minded, respectful, and eager to make genuine connections. They’re from various backgrounds, and what unites them is the desire for outstanding and unique travel experiences, with an openness to share them with new friends.

What is the typical age of guests in the Satopia community?

The Satopia community attracts travellers of all ages, typically ranging from mid-30s to 50s. Our members are united by a shared interest in experiential travel rather than age, but all are young at heart!

What are the shared values of the Community?

The Community values respect, inclusivity, and a genuine appreciation for diverse experiences and cultures. We’re united by a shared passion for travel, an enthusiasm for discovery, and an aspiration to make a positive difference in the world. They are approachable, respectful, and eager to build meaningful connections with their fellow travellers.

What if I have specific questions about who I'll be traveling with?

We understand the importance of good company when travelling. If you have any specific questions about your fellow travellers, please share them with us. We strive to ensure that our guests are compatible in their interests and expectations, to foster the most enjoyable travel experiences.

How does Satopia approve Guestlist applications?

Our approval process is designed to ensure that our Community aligns with our values. We carefully review each application, taking into consideration the information provided by the potential guest. This process allows us to build a harmonious community with shared interests and mutual respect. Please note, all information provided is kept strictly confidential.

When will I meet others I will travel with during a Hosted Experience?

In order to build a sense of community and familiarity among our travellers, we facilitate a pre-departure group call approximately 1-2 months prior to your journey. This provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with your fellow travellers. Additionally, a dedicated WhatsApp group will be created before your departure, allowing for easy communication and further connection among the group.

Who is the Satopia Community not intended for?

Our community thrives on authentic connections, inclusivity, and diversity. Therefore, it may not be the right fit for those who are not interested in genuinely connecting with others. We believe that every guest brings unique value to our community, and as such, we ask that every member contributes positively, thereby ensuring our community remains free of pretentious attitudes and entitled behaviours. At Satopia, we embrace diversity and encourage respect for all members. Our community is a place for mutual appreciation of extraordinary travel experiences.

What are the Community calls with the Satopia founders?

Our founders personally welcome each new member to our community with a 15-minute call. This is a chance for us to get to know you better, answer your questions, and introduce you to Satopia’s unique experiences.

What is the difference between Membership and Community at Satopia?

Satopia offers an exclusive Membership for a select number of guests each year, providing access to a dedicated Experience Manager, pre-launch access to upcoming Hosted Experiences, and concierge services. You can find out more about our Membership benefits here. The Satopia Community includes our approved Guestlist applicants and private clients.