Hacienda Montezuma


Costa Rica


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Step into the Rhythm of Life on the Ranch

The experience at Hacienda Montezuma invites you to step into the daily rhythm and rituals of life on a Costa Rican ranch. From cattle herding with the local cowboys to fishing in the volcanic rivers, every expedition into the wild carries a new discovery.
Hacienda Montezuma was once part of the United Fruit Company and a major supplier of the export of coffee, dairy and fruit in the Caribbean railroads in the late 1800s. Over a century later, a wealth of natural resources and a unique biological corridor is discovered, a chance to breathe life into the wealth of flora and fauna that inhabit the Guanacaste region. A new purpose was born. Montezuma now protects over 1,500 acres of microclimates, cultivating a lush environment for the cattle to roam and a natural sanctuary for monkeys, sloths, anteaters, ocelots, pumas and the endangered tapir.
Sitting unassumingly beneath the Tenorio Volcano, the farm itself is a myriad of woody greens, vibrant pink bougainvillea, and magnificent ancient trees, rustling with life.
The eight bedrooms, split over two private houses, marry pared back furniture with handwoven textiles.
Breeze-swept terraces are adorned with hammocks for whiling away the late afternoon, in the likely company of a monkey hanging from a nearby treetop.


Footprints Across Different Habitats

Made up of primary dry forest, cloud forest and rolling grassland, the farm provides a natural sanctuary for wild animals and grazing land for Brahman cattle. While much of the land remains untouched, left to flourish at the hands of Mother Nature, the guests are invited to experience nature as it should be; unfiltered, intuitive and brimming with life.
The experience at Montezuma sees guests stepping into the rhythm and rituals of life on the farm. From cattle herding with the sabaneros to fishing in the volcanic rivers, every expedition into the wild carries a new discovery. Every few weeks, the magnificent sight of a rescued puma being released into the jungle is witnessed. Trap cams are being set up to monitor its rehabilitation. The plantations, abundant with vibrant fruit and vegetables are picked fresh for lunch. Afternoons are spent beside the lake under the shade of a tree, soaking in the soul-stirring sounds and smells of earth.


A Truly Farm-to-Table Daily Fresh Menu

The farm is a canvas of vibrant produce, ready to be transformed into nourishing fare. From the greenhouse to the permaculture garden, the staff is constantly experimenting, sowing seeds of various fruits and vegetables with each season, from mangoes and plantains to sweet peppers, eggplant and okra.
By harmonising the consumption with the earth, those rare wild flavours that only exist when eating food straight from the roots can be cultivated. Each week, vegetables are boxed-up for the local community, who, in turn, share homemade cheese, bread and marmalades for the farm and the guests.
Meals are a casual affair. Hillside picnics under a shaded tree, open fires beside the lake, or long lunches on the sunlit terrace, there is a sense of exploration in what, where and how you eat.


Nature Conservation Projects

A large part of life on the ranch is spent exploring. Almost half of the country’s land is made up of protected zones, national parks and reserves, dedicated to conservation. The staff works alongside local ecologists to support the discovery of new habitats and species, and through visitors from the farm they’re not only able to impart their wisdom, but continue to fund their mission.
A nearby 220 acre valley has been an ongoing project of Donald Varela Soto and family, who has reforested the land with endemic species of plants, trees and wildflowers, creating a rare biological hotspot to support the wealth of endemic bird species, reintegrate the endangered tapir and play a part in positively impacting our ecosystem.
The Puma Rescue Centre provides shelter and rehabilitation to wild cats who have been injured or orphaned, to ultimately restore them to their natural habitat. The land around Montezuma provides a sanctuary for the rewilding, and guests can be involved in the conservation efforts, by tracking and monitoring the mammals through trap cameras.
A conservation fee is incorporated into each guest’s stay and donated to support the work of the rangers, who protect the forests and the wealth of flora and fauna that inhabit them.


Accommodation at Hacienda Montezuma
Private transfers from Liberia airport
Three daily meals prepared by a private local chef
Selection of drinks chosen to complement lunch and dinner
All soft drinks, juices, coffee and tea specialties
Daily horseback rides
Cattle herding
Jungle hikes
Wildlife tracking with a biologist
Lakeside picnics
Tenorio National Park



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